UVM Practical Course On 3D-EM

Michael Radermacher mraderma at physiology.med.uvm.edu
Wed Mar 12 11:00:16 PST 2003

UVM Practical Course on Three-dimensional Cryo Electron Microscopy of
Single Particles

August 11-17, 2003
Burlington, Vermont

The course will teach the principles of three-dimensional reconstruction
of single particles from electron micrographs.

It includes demonstrations of the experimental aspects, teaching of the 
basic theoretical principles and six hours per day of hands on 
experience in processing data sets from cryo-electron microscopy images.

Participants will work in groups of two and six instructors will be 
available to guide everyone step by step through the complete 
reconstruction process. Four participants will have the opportunity to 
carry out practical microscopy work the two days following the end of 
the course.

For further information and application
visit our web site:

Teachers and organizers:

Michael Radermacher
Teresa Ruiz
Jean Francois Menetret
Montserrat Barcena
Montserrat Samso

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