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Thu Jun 19 16:40:54 PDT 2003


Dear Sir/ Madam, 

I am Engineer USMAN BELLO, an Engineer with the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resourcres, I got your contact through a friend whom I told I needed an assistance some information, although I did not disclose the nature of the business to him, since it demands obsolutely secrecy. 

The tiny republic of benin a country in west Africa discovered crude oil, Balck Gold in port- novo and since they are not members of ORGANISATION OF PETROLEUM PRODUCING COUNTRY (OPEC) they requested for our assistance through our Ministry whose subsidiary is (NNPC), We were able to assist in drilling and excaating the black Gold and also spot lifting. As a result of the spot lifting an assess of (US$50.5m) fity million five hundred thousand united state Dolars was recorded and it is in our favour. 

My colleagues then decided we should look for an honest and sincere personb who will clear responsibilty of this amount because because the law of our country does not allow civil servant to operate foreign account.

 Presently the money is safely kept in our escrow account secure from all eyes. We shall be meeting with you if you accept to assist us, secondly it would also afford us to know what percentage that will be given to you, for your assistance. 

It will take seven working days to actualise this project and safely transfer into your bank account on our behalf and yourself. 

I will appreciate your quick response through my e-mail address
usman_bello at, I am open to further question you may wish to ask in respect of this business transaction. 

Please Kindly send your private telephone and fax numbers. 

Best Regards, 


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