IMOD software workshop

Eileen O'Toole eileen at bio3d.Colorado.EDU
Tue Feb 25 11:03:21 PST 2003

The Boulder Laboratory for 3-D Electron Microscopy of Cells will be 
holding a tomography software workshop May 28th- May 30th, 2003. The 
workshop is designed to teach investigators the IMOD software package 
developed in our lab, with an emphasis on plastic section 
reconstruction. The three day course will include lectures introducing 
participants to tomography, alignment methods, and dual-axis 
tomography. Participants will have hands-on experience with a new 
graphical user interface to the IMOD package, and will concentrate on 
sample data sets provided by the lab. Trouble shooting strategies for 
problematic data sets and tips on modeling tomographic data will also 
be presented.  Special topics including large area reconstruction, 
serial section tomography, and cryotomography will also be covered.

The workshop is limited to 14 participants. More than one applicant per 
lab will be considered only if there is space remaining. There is no 
fee for academic participants in the workshop, but participants need to 
cover travel and lodging expenses.  Applicants are encouraged to apply 
by April 1, 2003. Send application to:

			Ms. Linda Batlin
			Email:  Linda.Batlin at

Please include a brief description of:
1. Level of expertise with tomography (beginner, intermediate, 
2. Field of study.
3. Experience with the IMOD package.
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