Call for Papers: JSB Special Issue on Analytical Methods and Software Tools for Macromolecular Microscopy

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Journal of Structural Biology

Special Issue on Analytical Methods and Software Tools for Macromolecular 
Bridget Carragher and Pawel A. Penczek, Guest Editors

The Journal of Structural Biology invites submissions to a special issue on 
Analytical Methods and Software Tools for Macromolecular Microscopy.   This 
will serve partly as a follow up to an earlier JSB Special Issue on Image 
Processing that appeared in 1996 (Volume 116 (1996)) and included articles 
about most of the software tools in common use in cryo-electron microscopy 
at that time.  Several other Special Issues since that time have focused on 
similarly technical issues in this area; for example Volume 125 on 
Molecular Visualization Software (Smith, Engel, Steven) in 1999 and Volume 
133 on Single Particle Methods (Chiu and Ludtke) in 2001.

Given the explosive growth of structural biology over the past several 
years and in particular the intense current interest in the techniques of 
macromolecular microscopy we think the time is ripe for another special 
issue that will gather together the current research and progress in the 
methods and tools that are used in the structural analysis of macromolecules.

We thus invite submission of manuscripts of relevance to Analytical Methods 
and Software Tools developed for Macromolecular Microscopy.  Topics of 
interest include, but are not necessarily limited to:
·       Analytical methods and techniques for data processing and 
·       Numerical methods and software packages for the analysis and 
reconstruction of single particle, helices, icosahedral viruses and 
two-dimensional crystals.
·       Algorithms relevant to the analysis and reconstruction of 
tomographic data.
·       Tools and techniques for fitting and modeling
·       Data mining methods and tools

We seek manuscripts that are theoretical, methodological, or issue-focused 
in addition to those that report original research.  We will also consider 
review papers that provide an overview and summary of any of the relevant 
topics of interest.  We will not include papers that would serve only as a 
tutorial on how to use a specific software tool or system.  If in doubt as 
to the suitability of your manuscript for inclusion in the special issue 
please contact either Bridget Carragher (bcarr at or Pawel A. 
Penczek (Pawel.A.Penczek at to discuss the matter prior to 

The deadline for receipt of manuscripts for the Special Issue is 1 June 2003.
Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed using the criteria of the Journal of 
Structural Biology (see
Submissions should be sent as an email attachment to either Bridget 
Carragher (bcarr at or Pawel Penczek (Pawel.A.Penczek at

Bridget Carragher, Associate Professor
Automated Molecular Imaging Group, Department of Cell Biology
The Scripps Research Institute, MC CB129,10550 North Torrey Pines Road, La 
Jolla, CA 92037
tel: (858) 784-9070; fax: (858) 784-9090; bcarr at;
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