Philips CM12 floating tube assembly (ref : 5322 695 15693)

Gervaise Mosser Gervaise.Mosser at
Tue Feb 4 00:44:30 PST 2003

Dear all,

This is a call for anyone who would have an unused Philips CM12 somewhere 
in their Institute.

I'm in search of a gonio floating tube (ref : 5322 695 15693). The floating 
tube of the CM12 that we have just acquired has a scratch inside and thus 
need to be changed. If any one has this piece in good state but has no use 
of it anymore, and would be kind enough to pass it over to someone, please 
think of us!!!!!

Also if you have any equipment such as a cryo holder that would not suit on 
your brand new microscope but would suit on a CM12, again, please, think of 
us, as I may be interested!

Thanks a lot to every body in advance,


Gervaise MOSSER
Equipe Matériaux du Vivant
12 rue Cuvier
75005 PARIS

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