Report on EM (IIMS) Workshop at the EBI

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Wed Nov 27 08:48:24 PST 2002

Dear EM colleagues,

A Workshop was held on 15-16th November 2002, at the Genome Campus,
Hinxton, Cambridge, at which participants discussed topics relevant to the
development of software in the field of high resolution electron
microscopy structure determination. The meeting was sponsored by the IIMS
project, whose goals are the development of systems for integrating the
results of three-dimensional electron microscopy with models from X-ray
and NMR methods.

The aim of the Workshop was to foster advances in technology for EM
structure determination by encouraging and enabling developers (of
software, methods and automation, and instrument manufacturers for both
microscopes and detectors) to work together.
The full report of the meeting containing: an overview, a summary of
presentations and topics/actions discussed at this workshop, is
available online at:

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