Workshop on Automatic Particle Selection for Cryo-electron Microscopy

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Forwarded for Yuanxin Zhu.
Dave Foster, 3DEM Moderator

We'll host a Multidisciplinary Workshop on Automatic Particle Selection
for Cryo-electron Microscopy on April 24-25, 2003.  A web page for the
workshop has been set up and its URL is I'd like to ask you to do
me a favor to post an announcement for the workshop on your 3D-EM list, so
that many more people in the EM community would be able to know the
upcoming workshop. Also attached at the bottom of this e-mail is the CALL



Yuanxin Zhu, Ph.D., Staff Scientist
The Scripps Research Institute
Mail Code: CB129
10550 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, California 92037
phone: 858-784-9092; fax: 858-784-9090; email: zhu4 at


A Multidisciplinary Workshop on Automatic Particle Selection for
Cryo-electron Microscopy

April 24-25, 2003
The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, USA

The two-day workshop will provide a forum for discussion about state of
the art techniques and technology for automatic particle selection in
images acquired using cryo-electron microscopy. Two themes will be pursued
at the workshop, including: (i) bring together representative interested
researchers from multidisciplinary scientific communities, including
cryo-electron microscopy, computer vision, pattern recognition,
computational geometry, etc, to exchange ideas, techniques, and software
tools for automatic particle selection. (ii) Establish a common ground to
evaluate existing and future methods for particle selection. This common
ground may consist of particle selection criteria, benchmark particles,
agreed-upon image datasets, and performance metrics.  The form of the
workshop includes oral presentations panel discussions, a poster session.
All participants are encouraged to submit a poster. There is no charge for
registration, but the workshop is limited to 30 participants. The
registration deadline is March 10, 2003. To apply, please send e-mails to
zhu4 at providing basic information on your background and
addressing briefly the reasons for attending the workshop.

Invited Speakers

Chandrajit Bajaj (University of Texas at Austin)
Timothy S. Baker (Purdue University)
Marshall Bern (Palo Alto Research Center)
Bridget Carragher (The Scripps Research Institute)
Herbert Edelsbrunner (Duke University)
Robert M. Glaeser (University of California Berkeley)
David J. Kriegman (University of California San Diego)
Steve J. Ludtke (Baylor College of Medicine)
Ravi Malladi (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Dan Marinescu (University of Central Florida)
Pawel Penczek (University of Texas-Houston)
Clinton S. Potter (The Scripps Research Institute)
Fred J. Sigworth (Yale University)
Yuanxin Zhu (The Scripps Research Institute)

Workshop Organizers

Yuanxin Zhu, Bridget Carragher, and Clinton S. Potter
National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy, The Scripps Research

Sponsors and Hosts

The workshop is sponsored by the National Resource for Automated Molecular
Microscopy (NRAMM) and will be hosted by the National Resource for
Automated Molecular Microscopy (NRAMM) and Department of Cell Biology at
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

   David Foster    National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
    Programmer/Analyst     University of California, San Diego
    dfoster at       Department of Neuroscience, Mail 0608
    (858) 534-7968

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   persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.  Therefore, all progress
   depends on the unreasonable."   -- George Bernard Shaw

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