EM opportunities in Leeds, UK for EU PhD students

John Trinick jtrinick at bmbaxp.leeds.ac.uk
Sat Jun 22 09:58:34 PDT 2002

Dear Colleagues,

There are opportunities for European Union PhD students to study 
electron microscopy at the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular 
Biology at Leeds University, UK. The Astbury Centre is a Marie Curie 
Training Site, which allows EU PhD students to visit Leeds for up to 
a year. There is an allowance of 1200 Euro per month and travel costs 
to Leeds and back are reimbursed.

Facilities are good, including 4 conventional TEMs (2 x CM10 and 2 x 
Jeol 1200, one of each equipped for frozen-hydrated specimens). We 
are about to take delivery of a Technai F20 FEG microscope with 4k 
CCD camera and have good image processing facilities. We specialise 
in millisecond time resolution cryo-EM.

Contact me at the above address or find further information at:




John Trinick
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