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Wed Jun 19 02:00:49 PDT 2002

  ** Announcement of New Services to the PDB **

  # Secondary Structure Matching
    a tool for protein structure comparison
    URL :
    Author: Eugene Krissinel <keb at>  
    This is an interactive service for comparing protein structures in 3D
    based on a new algorithm for common subgraph isomorphism
  # Hetgroup interface for accessing the ligands and small molecule 
    dictionary of compounds found in the PDB 
    Author: Dimitris Dimitropoulos <dimitris at>     
    An interface to an MSD reference data warehouse containing a
    consistent and enriched library of all the small molecules and 
    monomers that are refered in any macromolecular structure.

 ** Please Note as of today (Wed Jun 19 2002) the following EBI/MSD 
    services were moved from an SGI server to a SUN server.      Integrates data query form for the PDB      Protein Quaternary Structure Query Form  PDB deposition form    Home page for protein-protein docking 
                               for structure prediction     Some aspects of Electron Microscopy
                               data model (Home Page:

  We would welcome feedback to msd at on any problems
  user may encounter during this change over period. This weeks
  PDB update is the first under the new operating system.

  Also note that 

    - the service
      from 1-July-2002 will be temporarily directed to 
      until a linux version is re-instated at the EBI.

    - the service is in the process
      of a port from SGI to Linux and will be maintained after
      1-July-2002 by the MSD group.

Janet Roser
Outreach Co-ordinator EBI-MSD
roser at
+44 (0) 1223 492510

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