Problems with a Gatan ssCCD

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Mon Jun 10 06:34:33 PDT 2002

Dear colleagues, 

We have a problem with a GATAN ssCCD 1K coupled to one of our microscopes Philips CM120. We control it with DigitalMicrgraph 3.3.1 (Power PC native on a G3 MAC computer). The problem consist that image acquisition is not possible because all pixels are gray (values around 24), even if we done a New Gain Reference, or if we use the continuous unprocessed mode. To compute a gain reference we do use a target intensity equal to 100 (in other cases the computer ask to increase the illumination 100 times, even if not apertures are inserted and illumination is extremely high). Other related problem is that when we try to get the temperature of the camera the next error message appears: "Low values in image, CCD bias might be too low". Have you been a similar problem with these types of camera? In your opinion we have a hardware or a software problem? 

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