Scanner: Primescan D7100 (Heidelberg)

Henning Stahlberg Henning.Stahlberg at
Thu Apr 25 03:04:02 PDT 2002


Does anybody have experience with the negative scanners
Primescan D7100 or Primescan D8200 from the company Heidelberg ?


It is a drum scanner with single-point optics and three photomultipliers
for color detection.
The scanner is supposed to be able to scan at 11'000 dpi
sizes up to 450mm x 480mm (D7100) or 635mm x 500mm (D8200)
with a depth of 16bit linear or 12bit log.

The price should be arround 46'000 US$ (D7100) or 64'000 US$ (D8200).



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