Updating of meeting dates for 3dem web page

Gina Sosinsky gsosinsky at ucsd.edu
Thu Mar 1 07:46:47 PST 2001

I've updated the meetings for 3dem web page (http://3dem.sdsc.edu). It is a
limited list containing links to the 3d Gordon Conference, MSA and 2nd
workshop on tomography. There is also a link for the FASEB meeting page
which is a very handy little page containing dates, places and anticipated
attendance for the major national meetings that belong Faseb (e.g.
Biophysical Society, ASCB etc). If anyone has any other meetings
appropriate to the list (e.g. EMBO courses, Cold Spring Harbor symposium
specifically for 3d EM), please send them to me and I'll look them over and
add them to the list.

Gina Sosinsky
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