new positions at HHMI

Eva Nogales enogales at
Mon May 22 16:10:11 PDT 2000

	Two postdoctoral and one EM technician positions at the Howard Hughes
Medical Institute in Eva Nogales lab, UC Berkeley, will be soon posted.
Positions will be available as soon as September 1st. Postdocs will be
involved in projects related to the structural characterization of
transcription initiation complexes, chromatin remodeling and
transcription-coupled DNA repair. EM technician will be in charge of the
new 300 keV-FEG, helium-cooled scope, and will be expected to also be
involved in scientific research. Although more details will be posted
soon, possible candidates are encouraged to send CVs and letters of
interest asap to the address or e-mail that follow:

Eva Nogales
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Molecular and Cell Biology Department, LSA 355
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-3200

Phone: (510) 642-0557		Fax: (510) 643-6791			 enogales at

Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab
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