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Gina Sosinsky gsosinsky at ucsd.edu
Mon May 1 11:58:39 PDT 2000

Dear Colleagues,

Please start using the updated list (3dem at sdsc.edu) and web site
(http://3dem.sdsc.edu) immediately. A very simple web page is in place.
This site looks very much like the old one, however, one added feature to
this web site is the link to an archive of 3dem mail messages
http://3dem.sdsc.edu/list/maillist.html. This archive is updated daily.

While I would like to keep the web page as simple as possible, any
suggestions about content are appreciated and should be directed to me
rather than Dave Foster.

Gina Sosinsky
* Gina Sosinsky, PhD.                   *
* University of California at San Diego *
* 365 San Diego Supercomputer Center    *
* 9500 Gilman Drive                     *
* La Jolla, CA 92093-0505               *
*                                       *
* 619-534-6264       (office phone &    *
*                     voice mail)       *
* 619-534-4583       (lab phone)        *
* 619-822-0948       (fax)              *
* gsosinsky at ucsd.edu (email)            *
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