bounced addresses from 3dem mailing list

Gina Sosinsky gsosinsky at
Thu Apr 20 15:51:18 PDT 2000

Dear Colleagues,

We are in the process of cleaning the 3dem list for bounced mail from 
old or useless addresses before the list goes into full operation 
next week. In some cases, the mail bounced back because of alerts 
from your mail servers, however, in most cases, the addresses we have 
are obsolete.

Please take a look at the following list of addresses. If we do not 
hear back from you about the status of these addresses, *** they will 
be deleted as of Monday April 25th ***.  You can reply to me at 
gsosinsky at or Dave Foster (foster at to let us 
know the status.

I will send around an email next week when the web site/3dem is in 
full force letting folks know to submit email here rather than the 
NYU address.

Gina Sosinsky

===========   Bounced Addresses ===============================
aa4n at
aebi at
aengel at
asturias at
celia at
chroet at
dana at
darst at
dennis_winkler at
gerd.leitinger at
graeme at
gwpoulos at
h.stark at
hainfeld at
ingeborg at
j.barry at
jennyh at
jlcarrascosa at
leuther at
matthew at
msimon at
nicastro at
opalkan at
perkins at
poglitsch at
puman at
ranck at
rcraig at
rpadron at
schmutzm at
shlomot at
smarco at
sriram at
tfrey at
trachtenberg at
trus at
uwl at
walz at
williams at
zhangp at
ziese at
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